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pdh01s.jpg (5880 Byte)

The MV Mi Amigo and the MV Fredericia in the Oranje harbour in Amsterdam

pdh02s.jpg (7628 Byte)

The deck of the Mi Amigo (the studios situated to the left and to the right of the name "Caroline")

pdh03s.jpg (5134 Byte)

The Mi Amigo´s bridge

pdh04s.jpg (5153 Byte)

The Fredericia´s wooden bridge

pdh05s.jpg (4655 Byte)

The Caroline North studio at the top (the original 1964 studio below)

pdh06s.jpg (4389 Byte)

The MV Fredericia in the Oude Houthaven in December 1968

pdh07s.jpg (4475 Byte)

Both Caroline ships in the Oude Houthaven in 1972 (next to them the passenger ship Calladonia where some squatters were living) (*)

pdh08s.jpg (6955 Byte)

This is a painting was by a crewmember of the Mi Amigo´s lifeboat in 1980 (seen in a pub in Queenborough)

pdh09s.jpg (5360 Byte)

Technician Ruud Westbroek in the Radio Veronica Hilversum studio in 1970

pdh10s.jpg (5756 Byte)

Technician Ruud Westbroek in the Radio Veronica Hilversum studio in 1970

pdh11s.jpg (4653 Byte)

Will Luikinga in the Radio Veronica Hilversum studio in 1970

pdh12s.jpg (5119 Byte)

Tom Collins in the Radio Veronica Hilversum studio in 1970

pdh13s.jpg (6828 Byte)

The Norderney in Zaandam in 1976

pdh14s.jpg (7673 Byte)

The studio onboard the Norderney in 1976

pdh15s.jpg (4708 Byte)

The Norderney in Zoutkamp Groningen in February 1982 (just before being converted)

pdh16s.jpg (6932 Byte)

The Norderney in Zoutkamp (see oil and water tanks, the studios and cabins having been taken out)

pdh17s.jpg (7816 Byte)

The Norderney in Zoutkamp (the pane between the studio and the technician room)

pdh18s.jpg (5935 Byte)

The Norderney in Zoutkamp Groningen in 1982

pdh19s.jpg (6249 Byte)

The Norderney in Groningen harbour in 1994 (the masts lying horizontally on deck)

pdh19as.jpg (5719 Byte)

The Norderney in Leeuwarden in 1995

pdh20s.jpg (4002 Byte)

The Mebo II in August 1970

pdh20as.jpg (7822 Byte)

Paul de Haan in the production studio onboard the Mebo II in August 1970 (*)

pdh21s.jpg (5499 Byte)

John Denny in the live studio onboard the Mebo II in August 1970

pdh21as.jpg (5230 Byte)

The production studio onboard the Mebo II on 7th August 1970 (this was the original live studio built in 1969)

pdh22s.jpg (5545 Byte)

Mebo I and Mebo II in August 1970 (Larry Tremaine with beard, Peter Chicago in the background)

pdh23s.jpg (6613 Byte)

In the production studio onboard the Mebo II in August 1970: Spangles Muldoon, Erwin Meister, Andy Archer, Edwin Bollier (from left to right)

pdh24s.jpg (5326 Byte)

The transmitter room (MW/SW and FM) onboard the Mebo II

pdh25s.jpg (6610 Byte)

Mebo II and Mebo I (Angela) in Slikkerveer in 1975 (the captain´s longjohns on the clothes-line)

pdh26s.jpg (7828 Byte)

The original live studio onboard the Mebo II in 1975

pdh27s.jpg (8028 Byte)

The new studio 2 onboard the Mebo II in 1975 (planned for Radio Nova, consisted of one half of the original production studio)

pdh28s.jpg (7858 Byte)

The new studio 3 onboard the Mebo II in 1975 (built by Bob Noakes and Robin Banks)

pdh29s.jpg (5702 Byte)

The patch pannel onboard the Mebo II in 1975 (situated in the former production studio and built to connect the three new studios)




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pdh30s.jpg (4103 Byte)

The MV Communicator in Lissabon (Portugal) in September 1993. The aerial tower on the rear of the ship.

pdh31s.jpg (5883 Byte)

Bridge of the Communicator in october 1994. The timberwork is now painted white.

pdh32s.jpg (6900 Byte)

Former Laser production studio October 1994

pdh33s.jpg (5107 Byte)

Former Laser on air studio October 1994

pdh34s.jpg (5367 Byte)

The new 1224 transmitter still wrapped in plastic to be used for Holland FM

pdh35s.jpg (4275 Byte)

The Communicator arriving in the IJselmeer October 1994

pdh36s.jpg (4156 Byte)

Winter 1997, Communicator "on ice"

pdh37s.jpg (3273 Byte)

Where are the Dutch skaters?

pdh38s.jpg (5070 Byte)

Corridor on the boat deck, in the back is the "frontdoor"

pdh39s.jpg (5668 Byte)

Beautiful Grundig valve radio used as a monitor for the 1224 output

pdh40s.jpg (4768 Byte)

Lavatory onboard and working

pdh41s.jpg (6594 Byte)

Former Laser news studio

pdh41s.jpg (6594 Byte)

Turntables and reel to reel recorder. Good old days...

pdh42s.jpg (5392 Byte)

Studio corridor on the rear of the ship

pdh44s.jpg (4523 Byte)

August 1997, summertime radio

pdh45s.jpg (7125 Byte)

The wheel on the bridge

pdh46s.jpg (6037 Byte)

The wheel house

pdh47s.jpg (5362 Byte)

Cabins below deck August 1997. In 1999 many of the cabins were broken up by the Q-Radio people

pdh48s.jpg (5282 Byte)

Former Laser transmitters in the hold. Where are they nowadays?

pdh49s.jpg (5413 Byte)

The 60 kw 1224 transmitter in August 1997

pdh50s.jpg (5588 Byte)

The Communicator in the Pampushaven near Almere in December 1999

pdh51s.jpg (6338 Byte)

The door is always open!

pdh52s.jpg (5540 Byte)

Put some "red lights" behind these ugly windows and the ship will make profit! Sad sight of a once famous radioship.





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pdh53s.jpg (6013 Byte)

Welcome onboard the MV Ross Revenge

pdh54s.jpg (5287 Byte)

Believe it or not, Dover August 15th 1993. My first trip to the Lady.

pdh55s.jpg (7590 Byte)

The main studio onboard on August 15th 1993. The famous Gates mixer back onboard.

pdh56s.jpg (9391 Byte)

"Undiscovered talented deejay on the Gates". Our son Mark.

pdh57s.jpg (8502 Byte)

Spotmasters and those famous Roscoe tumtables playing the unique Caroline sound

pdh58s.jpg (7568 Byte)

The Monique-558-819 studio

pdh59s.jpg (6122 Byte)

Studio corridor looking into the Dutch studio

pdh60s.jpg (5903 Byte)

The Ross in London November 1995 during a RSL

pdh61s.jpg (9974 Byte)

The contrast between the building and the Ross is amazing. I prefer the Lady.

pdh62s.jpg (5607 Byte)

Good looking Lady!

pdh63s.jpg (8264 Byte)

The "Skeveningen"' connection

pdh64s.jpg (7773 Byte)

The beautiful bridge onboard Ross Revenge

pdh65s.jpg (5020 Byte)

50000 watts asleep! Will they ever wake up again?

pdh66s.jpg (5334 Byte)

July 1998 Queenborough

pdh67s.jpg (8681 Byte)


pdh68s.jpg (9068 Byte)

This is not under the bonnet of our 1968 MG B GT!

pdh69s.jpg (6041 Byte)

The "kombuis". Indeed kitchen onboard

pdh70s.jpg (6135 Byte)

Cabin corridor below deck onboard Ross Revenge

pdh71s.jpg (6181 Byte)

Cabin doors, the wall of fame. The Dutch always had a talent for "painting"

pdh72s.jpg (5951 Byte)

Raffles and Peter

pdh73s.jpg (7193 Byte)

Our trip to the Ross in Ju1y 1998. First time for Peter onboard since 1990.

pdh74s.jpg (8159 Byte)

Marianne in July 1998. Married to this offshore radio "freak" for 26 years and still smiling! She deserves a new handbag!

pdh75s.jpg (8166 Byte)

Studio 2 onboard

pdh76s.jpg (7643 Byte)

Studio 3 onboard

pdh77s.jpg (6785 Byte)

Studio 4 onbaord

pdh78s.jpg (4361 Byte)

Do you remember the famous ringantenne onboard the King David, Capital Radio in the 70s?

pdh79s.jpg (5514 Byte)

I wonder, where is the King David?

All photos are made by and owned by Paul de Haan (Groningen/Netherlands), except both pictures marked by *. All rights reserved. No part of this picture series and story may be reprinted or reproduced or utilized in any form or by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including photocopying and recording, or in any storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the owner Paul de Haan (Groningen/Netherlands)




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